Paul Raffaele
Client: Cazadores Tequila, Bacardi
Agency: Virtue Worldwide
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A collaboration with Orly Anan.

Cues from Mexico’s vibrant past, Meso-American mythology, Mexican pop culture, her grandmother’s home, and a little bit of tequila are what have inspired Israeli/Colombian artist, Orly Anan to dream up five surreal and beautiful worlds for each of Tequila Cazadores’ variants: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo and Anejo Cristalino. She is an artist known or her charming still lives and has worked jointly with us to imbue every piece with the character and personality of the country Cazadores calls home.

These altars to agave and tequila incorporate the art, style, and sensibilities of Mexico from pre- to post-colonialism. Alluring and eye-catching, the final suite of assets conjures up a premium quality that is far from the banal bottle service popularized by other tequila brands. Instead, Orly’s still lifes blur the line between advertising and fine art. They are a celebration of the traditions and heritage of Mexico and the colorful people who live there.

Photos: Mark Alor Powell, Walter Shintani, Set Design & Art Direction: Orly Anan, Agency Art Direction: Paul Raffaele

Signature cocktails, too.

Our campaign photography focuses on the person and the place. For our product and cocktail work, we drew inspiration from Meso- American myth and the modern Mexican altar to create a visual world that feels as natural on a gallery wall as it does on an outdoor mural.

Mural Photos: Colossal Media


Virtue Worldwide

Chief Creative Officer:
Tom Punch

Executive Creative Director:
Cameron Farrelly

Head of Design:
Heather Pieske

Creative Director:
Andy Verderosa

Senior Creative:
Julian Colucci

Isioma Iyamah

Junior Creative:
Olivia Paschkes

Art Director:
Paul Raffaele

Stephanie Santillan Lopez

Head of Client Services:
Jemma Downey

Account Manager:
Gabi Musayev

Program Director: 
Duke Nguyen

Head of Production:
Emma Starzacher

Senior Producer:
Abby Bralove

Chief Strategy Officer:
Spencer Baim

Head of Strategy:
RG Logan

Community Manager:
Taylor Ford

Music Supervisor:
Charlotte Von Kotze

Music Coordinator:
Sarah Tembeckjian 

Mark Alor Powell

Photo Assist:
Walter Shintani

Set Designer:
Orly Anan


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