Paul Raffaele
Client: Perrier
Agency: n/a
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In June 2017, Love Injection partnered with Perrier to produce a special issue celebrating NY institution Mister Saturday Night’s 250th party milestone. With their support, added color to both front and back covers for the first time, expanded distribution covering each attendee of the event, and supplied their venue with enough to cover following two week’s parties. The issue features interviews with Mister Saturday Night founders Eamon Harkin & Jusin Carter, a photo essay documenting all the venues used for their 250 events, as well as interviews with 15+ Mister Saturday Night devotees. 

As a result of this collaboration, we were able to secure Perrier an account with their new venue Nowadays, as well as partnering down the line a second time to expand Love Injection’s distribution further, supplying each room at every Ace Hotel in the US + London. 

Design, Art Direction: Paul Raffaele, Campaign Photos: Benedict Evans, Case Study Photos: Olivia Pashkes

Screengrab from Perrier’s blog post:


Art Director & Editor In Chief:
Paul Raffaele

Editor In Chief:
Barbie Bertisch

Editor At Large:
Nik Mercer

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