Paul Raffaele
Client: Ray Ban
Agency: n/a
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In November of 2016, Love Injection executed it’s first brand partnership with Boiler Room and Ray Ban to help them promote their first US festival with the “Super Issue” 21. Expanded from 24 to 48 pages, the zine focused exclusively on artists performing including Kamasi Washington, Kai Alce, Anthony Naples, Lovefingers, Solar & Mozhgan, viaAPP, Honey Soundsystem, DJ Minx, Loren and more. It included a 7” flexi disc with a forthcoming release on ESP Institute, and expanded distribution to meet the demand of expected partygoers.

Ray Ban & Boiler Room got 100% SOV including front and back cover brand attributions and the issue included the festival schedule on the inside back cover so that folks could tear off and use it throughout the weekend.

Design, Art Direction: Paul Raffaeles


Art Director & Editor In Chief:
Paul Raffaele

Editor In Chief:
Barbie Bertisch

Editor At Large:
Nik Mercer

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